Could You Live on $5 of Food a Day?

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Eileen S. Sklaroff, President Female Hebrew Benevolent Society

I am not a cheater nor am I a quitter so I knew with great certainty that I would stick to the rules of The Challenge and see it through to the bitter end. There were days when I was hungry and reached instinctively for a bunch of grapes or a rice cake to tide me over. But those snacks were in my mind, not within my budget, so I waited until the next meal.

I spent $60.88 of my $64.40 allowance. It seemed fair to hold back the remainder because Mark could not participate with me after Friday lunch because he had a bris in New York on Shabbat. (I am ashamed to say that my first thought was “more food for me!”).

The only food that remains is a head of Romaine, a few carrots, a few potatoes, half a cuke, a can of tomato sauce and two boxes of pasta, which we didn’t eat because we didn’t like the taste, and some rice. Not an inspiring repertoire with which to begin a new week, but I won’t have to do that because come tomorrow morning I will be at the closing event for the FSC where a light breakfast will be served. And I can eat it!

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